Living in a Visell World

A whimsical, playful, and dreamy world where smiling elephants take on childhood nightmares, and admiring Visell fans take on child-like smiles. Amanda brings humor and intrigue to the art world, reminding us that mid-century illustration and animation is alive today, even if we have to face drunken robots.

This blog is dedicated to an ever-growing archive of Visell’s paintings and sculptures, along with links to posted articles, past exhibits and upcoming events. Enjoy!

About Amanda

Amanda Visell (born in Puyallup, WA) was attracted early on to the magic of vintage animation after a trip to Disneyland when she was just five years old. One of the early sources of inspiration and a driving force of her style today comes from classic Disney animation artist Mary Blair. (Blair, known for her whimsical and imaginary style, painted story boards for Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and other Disney classics.)

While Amanda initially had wanted to pursue her passion in animation, success has found her in what she enjoys most, creating art. And not just any art: With her particular taste and avoiding the boredom of creating the “same old thing”, Amanda cleverly, yet simply creates art that can best be described as “cartoony”, ironic and fun.

Her first show was at Billy Shire’s Kitchen Sync exhibit in 2005, and since then has enjoyed having her artwork displayed in galleries and museums nationwide. Most recently Visell was commissioned by Disneyland to create nine original paintings for the Enchanted Tiki Room’s 45th Anniversary, all of which sold within hours of their release.

Amanda resides in Pasadena, CA and continues to create original artwork along with toys, books, apparel, limited edition prints and sculptures, all while perfecting her design for the ultimate home robot.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Enchanted Tiki Room
Size: 11.5 x 15"

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